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Who can Benefit from Counselling?

How can Counselling Work?

What will the Sessions be like?

Matt Paxton


Skype & Telephone Counselling
Skype  Telephone


How does it work?

As with most counselling agreements, Telephone and Skype sessions usually work on a weekly basis at a set day and time.

When receiving counselling via Telephone or Skype, one can expect the same level confidentiality and professionalism they might expect from seeing a counsellor face to face.

A contract regarding protocol and payment details will need to be read and signed prior to commencing, after this, an immediate start can be organized.

Telephone and Skype counselling offers a useful alternative for clients who are too busy to guarantee attendance in person, or those overseas or in a different part of the country.

What will I need?


• A mobile or landline telephone number



•A laptop or PC.

•Built-in or plug-in microphone

•Built-in or plug-in speakers

•Skype download and account *


*Skype downloads take a few minutes to create online and an account is combined.